Anwiki 0.2.0 is released!

Published on 04/09/2009
This release is considered as ready for production usage.
By the way, online documentation and various addons are now available.
Anwiki is the first wiki/CMS dedicated to multilingual contents synchronization.
It has innovative features for synchronizing multilingual contents such as:
  • Multilingual website with collaborative edition/translation
  • Multilingual documentation
  • Multilingual wiki
  • Translation files from softwares

Many improvements were achieved for this 0.2.0 version, essentially regarding configuration editor and addons management.
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Several Anwiki addons are also available:
  • Single Sign-On addons: for synchronizing Anwiki users and sessions with phpBB3 and Flyspray
  • Addon for importing any translation file (PHP or PO), synchronizing it, and exporting translations
  • Documentation addon: for writing structured documentation books, with auto-generated table of contents

Psssst: we are looking for translators. If you are interested, please contact us!
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