Anwiki 0.1.0 alpha 1 is released!

Published on 09/13/2008
After more than one year of confidential development, the first public release of Anwiki is unveiled!
This project began about one year ago, after discovering the lack of efficient applications for managing multilingual contents.
Anwiki was initially started as a technical challenge and for my personal needs, while looking for a mean to automatically synchronize multilingual contents.

It was created and developed focusing primarily on contents internationalization and translation process.
Then, the system was extended with exciting features habitually not supported by existing wikis/CMS engines: on-the-fly translation, PHP code edition and internationalization, highly structured contents definition, modular components architecture...

Early, a partner was very interested in this system and installed a pre-version. As many people who tested it was enjoying it and asked for more information, it was decided to make it a free software.
An installer assistant and a web-based interface for editing configuration files were added, to make it easier to administrate.
The development is now enough advanced for publishing this first public release, even if there are many fixes and features waiting in the pipe. This release should be considered as alpha version and experimental, but it should be enough stable for understanding main concepts behind Anwiki.
The documentation is under creation, so please be patient or discover the features by yourself.

On the technical side, Anwiki was achieved with much effort and after many experimentations.
It's based on an exclusive algorithm able to find différences between two versions of an XML document, and then allowing to deploy these changes to document's translations intelligently, updating translated-flags for each modified block.
It should run under most versions of PHP5 and MySQL, but it hasn't been tested on much environments.

Note: an artist or designer would be welcome for realizing future default templates of Anwiki, which are currently extremely basic (and probably not conform to standards - eh, it's just alpha!).
You can also join translators team for translating Anwiki application and website in your language. Of course, we'll use Anwiki for achieving it! :-)

Any feedback greatly appreciated on community forums.
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