What is Anwiki? A multilingual wiki!

Anwiki is an hybrid solution, between wiki and CMS, intended to manage multilingual and structured contents.
It has innovative features for creating multilingual content, translating it and keeping it always synchronized.
Collaboration between editors and translators has never been so simple!

Content internationalization

  • Flexible: Anwiki has been designed from scratch as a generic and flexible internationalization solution. Contents can be created and translated in any language, any writing direction, any character set.
  • No master language: There is no reference language, contents can be cross-edited from various languages. Collaborative multilingual edition is a reality!
  • Ajax-like translation tool: Contents can be translated without altering their structures, and even without knowing it.
  • Magic synchronization: When contents are modified in one language, all translations are "automagically" updated, so that it never gets outdated.
    Maintaining a multilingual website up-to-date has never been so simple!


  • Focus on content internationalization first
  • Make it simple
  • Keep it light: externalize secondary features in addons/plugins
  • Make it overridable: customizable, extensible and easily upgradable

Recommanded for...

  • Multilingual website
  • Multilingual wiki
  • Multilingual documentation
  • Collaborative translation forge for various structured contents, such as "translation files" from softwares

Advanced CMS

  • Complex contents: Any kind of contents (XML, XHTML, translation files...) can be handled by Anwiki.
  • Easy to install: Based on PHP5 and MySQL, Anwiki can be easily installed on most of web servers.
  • Free software: You are free to use, modify it and redistribute Anwiki freely under the terms of the GNU GPL 3 license. Any contribution is welcome!
  • Performances: Multiple caching levels and software architecture give good performances, even under high traffic load.

To go further...

Discover all Anwiki's features and have a look to the state of the art regarding multilingual content management.
Also have a look to the following video:
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