Anwiki features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Anwiki features.

Multilingual features

  • On-the-fly collaborative translation
  • Translators notification, list of untranslated contents
  • Translations automatically keep synchronized
  • Multilingual collaborative edition (edition of the same content from several languages)
  • Unlimited translations: configure as many languages as needed
  • No master language: each content can be created in the language of your choice. Then, it can be translated in additional languages when you decide it.
  • Complex XML contents translation: XML (XHTML/CSS/JavaScript...)
  • Quick PHP scripts internationalization (i18n)
  • Multilingual interface: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT...

Wiki features

Anwiki comes with standard wiki features, such as :
  • Collaborative edition
  • Revisions history, old revision reverting, differences between revisions
  • Quick access to administrative tools from the front office
  • Virtual URLs (URL rewriting), quick content creation
  • Edition locks (AJAX)

Content management (CMS)

Anwiki comes with advanced CMS features:
  • Sitemap
  • Customizable navigation menus
  • Customizable RSS feeds
  • XML code edition (even XHTML/CSS/Javascript, for complex and specific layouts)
  • PHP scripts edition (for quick integration of dynamic contents)
  • Content import/export: as XML files
  • Customizable templates and CSS styles
  • Users management
  • Automatically updates links when renaming a content

Structured contents

  • Content classes definition, structured contents edition
  • Dynamic contents fetching: for grabbing and displaying existing structured contents into others, with an easy syntax.

Architecture, customization, integration

Anwiki can be highly customized and extended without modifying it's source code.
This ensures easily upgrading the system, keeping all customizations unchanged.
  • Objet oriented architecture
  • Plugins (hooks system)
  • Override mechanisms: for customizing Anwiki without modifying it's original source code
    • templates
    • CSS styles
    • drivers (storage, session, users et rights)
    • plugins
    • actions (for adding new features)
    • content classes (for adding new content structures
  • Easy installation and upgrade
  • Configuration from web interface, or directly from file system (PHP configuration files)

Performances and scalability

  • Multiple levels caching system:no database query for rendering a content
  • Customizable server for static files
  • It's possible to running multiple instances of Anwiki on the same host, synchronized or not. Disk space saving and easy massive upgrade.


  • HTTPS for critical actions
  • Security mechanisms for users sessions
  • Advanced setup procedure available for moving Anwiki source outside web server's DocumentRoot
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