Support Anwiki

Anwiki is an ambitious project. It has exciting features and services planned for the future!
However, the project is maintained by volunteers and doesn't have any income.

If you appreciate Anwiki, you can support the project by making a donation, even if modest.

How to make a donation?

Anwiki accepts donations through Paypal to the following address: anwiki (at) anwiki (dot) com
Don't forget to indicate as Paypal comment your name, and eventually your website running Anwiki. That way you'll figure on the donators list!
Make a donation

How are used the donations?

Donations are integrally used for the project needs, such as:
  • Renewing Internet domains names
  • Buying and renewing SSL certificates
  • Creating exclusive services for Anwiki users
  • Anticipating future hosting needs, and supporting our current host TuxFamily
  • At last, promoting Anwiki

Anwiki's supporters

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