addon_image - Editing and translating image (PNG base64)

This addon enables you to edit and translates images from Anwiki (in PNG base64).
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Addon releases history

Date Version Download Supported Anwiki version(s)
10/02/2012 zip tgz

What's in?

  • the plugin: image
  • the contentclass: image

How does it work?

  • Create an new content of type "Image", in example "en/snoopy" then copy/paste PNG base64 code of your image and save.
    This content can be translated in as many languages as needed.
  • Then, insert your image in any HTML content from Anwiki as following: <img src="en/snoopy"/>
  • That's it, your image will appear and be translated according to your main content language.
  • en
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