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ID Category  asc Task Type Severity Summary Priority Status Progress Last Edited
68 Actions Bug Report Medium Inline edition mode - for editing content in one langua... High New 0%
49 Actions Suggestion Low Translation tool splitted on two windows Normal New 0%
50 Actions Suggestion Low Reorganizing the translation form Normal New 0% 2010-02-21
77 Actions Feature Request Low creating user accounts when registration is disabled Normal New 0% 2012-08-20
118 Actions Bug Report Low Text in elements with style="display:none" cannot be tr... Normal New 0% 2011-02-20
128 Actions Feature Request Low Need a way to revert a single translation Normal Unconfirmed 0%
150 Actions Bug Report Low HTML entities escaped twice in translation action strin... Normal New 0% 2011-05-19
22 AutoSync engine TODO High AutoSync engine performances improvement Normal New 0%
75 ContentClasses Bug Report Low too many parameters in AnwContentFieldPage_link::render... Normal Unconfirmed 0% 2010-04-10
139 ContentClasses Bug Report Low contentclass_feed: RSS output is never cached Normal New 0%
33 Core TODO Low support of rich text editors Urgent New 0% 2010-10-21
34 Core TODO Low XML-based language for dynamic contents High New 0%
71 Core TODO Medium AnwComponent refactoring High Assigned 80% 2010-10-20
12 Core Improvement Medium Keep in current language even when redirected to defaul... Normal New 0%
20 Core Improvement Medium PageName refactoring, for automatically prefixing it wi... Normal New 0% 2010-03-10
45 Core Improvement Low Regenerate cache when size=0 Normal New 0%
46 Core Bug Report Low Cache badly generated on upgrade Normal New 0%
60 Core Security issue High Anwiki should protect against Cross-Site Request Forger... Normal Unconfirmed 0%
73 Core Feature Request High Allow "translation" of images Normal Unconfirmed 0% 2012-02-10
76 Core TODO Low Action for clearing the cache directory Normal New 0%
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