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ID  desc Category Task Type Severity Summary Priority Status Progress Last Edited
154 Core Improvement Low clicking on abort should release the lock on the page Normal Unconfirmed 0%
153 Core Bug Report Low In the management part, add a back link to the site Normal Unconfirmed 0%
151 Core Bug Report Low Empty translations ( ) should be removed from outp... Normal New 0% 2011-02-20
150 Actions Bug Report Low HTML entities escaped twice in translation action strin... Normal New 0% 2011-05-19
143 Core Bug Report Low POSIX extension shouldn't be required, isn't enabled by... Normal New 0%
141 Core Bug Report Low Install fails when sessions path is writable but outsid... Normal Assigned 0% 2012-02-10
139 ContentClasses Bug Report Low contentclass_feed: RSS output is never cached Normal New 0%
133 Core Bug Report Low Missing pages should return 404 HTTP code Normal New 0%
131 Security Bug Report Low Better detection for "potentially unsafe contents" Normal New 0% 2010-09-18
128 Actions Feature Request Low Need a way to revert a single translation Normal Unconfirmed 0%
126 Core Bug Report Low hook_page_onchange doesn't always get the new page stat... Normal Unconfirmed 0% 2010-09-14
122 Users drivers Improvement Medium UsersDriver: UserGroups support High New 0%
118 Actions Bug Report Low Text in elements with style="display:none" cannot be tr... Normal New 0% 2011-02-20
107 Core Bug Report Low Limit for number of emails sent by AnwDebug::reportErro... Normal New 0%
78 Other Bug Report Low check if .cfg.php files are writable (alsoo) before sta... Normal New 0% 2011-02-20
77 Actions Feature Request Low creating user accounts when registration is disabled Normal New 0% 2012-08-20
76 Core TODO Low Action for clearing the cache directory Normal New 0%
75 ContentClasses Bug Report Low too many parameters in AnwContentFieldPage_link::render... Normal Unconfirmed 0% 2010-04-10
73 Core Feature Request High Allow "translation" of images Normal Unconfirmed 0% 2012-02-10
71 Core TODO Medium AnwComponent refactoring High Assigned 80% 2010-10-20
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