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Anwiki CMS : the first wiki/CMS dedicated to multilingual contents
ID Category Task Type Severity Summary Priority Status Progress Last Edited
22 AutoSync engine TODO High AutoSync engine performances improvement Normal New
48 Storage drivers Improvement High Ajax for autosync transaction & save Normal New 2010-01-25
60 Core Security issue High Anwiki should protect against Cross-Site Request Forger... Normal Unconfirmed
73 Core Feature Request High Allow "translation" of images Normal Unconfirmed 2012-02-10
68 Actions Bug Report Medium Inline edition mode - for editing content in one langua... High New
71 Core TODO Medium AnwComponent refactoring High Assigned 80% 2010-10-20
122 Users drivers Improvement Medium UsersDriver: UserGroups support High New
12 Core Improvement Medium Keep in current language even when redirected to defaul... Normal New
20 Core Improvement Medium PageName refactoring, for automatically prefixing it wi... Normal New 2010-03-10
32 Other TODO Low support for multiple wiki syntaxes Urgent New 2010-10-21
33 Core TODO Low support of rich text editors Urgent New 2010-10-21
34 Core TODO Low XML-based language for dynamic contents High New
28 Sessions drivers Improvement Low Persistant session for RSS Normal New 2010-10-14
44 Plugins Feature Request Low Externalized auth plugin : openid , google, twitter, fa... Normal New
45 Core Improvement Low Regenerate cache when size=0 Normal New
46 Core Bug Report Low Cache badly generated on upgrade Normal New
49 Actions Suggestion Low Translation tool splitted on two windows Normal New
50 Actions Suggestion Low Reorganizing the translation form Normal New 2010-02-21
75 ContentClasses Bug Report Low too many parameters in AnwContentFieldPage_link::render... Normal Unconfirmed 2010-04-10
76 Core TODO Low Action for clearing the cache directory Normal New
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